Tuzla Cantonal Chamber of Commerce Acceded to the European Enterprise Network

The Tuzla Cantonal Chamber of Commerce signed the Treaty of Accession to the European Enterprise Network (EEN), as one of the partners of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.

The Enterrprise Europe Network is the largest network with the support of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of international business cooperation, innovation, transfer of knowledge and technology, and cooperation and participation in EU programs.

The network provides support and advice to entrepreneurs across Europe and helps them to maximize the opportunities of the EU and to the single European market.

The services of EEN are specifically created for small and medium-sized enterprises, but  are also available to business institutions, research centers and universities across Europe.

The network consists of nearly 600 partner organizations in 53 countries, including all members of the EU, as well as other countries in Europe and throughout the world. It organizes annually more than 4,000 business events, around 50,000 technological audits and offers for business cooperation, and around 1,000 contracts on the transfer of technology.

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