Salko Zlatko Lagumdžija, one of many rewarded Students: Hard Work and Effort always pay off

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At a ceremony held at the National Theater in Mostar yesterday, the Ministry of Education and Science of FB&H awarded 94 students from primary and high schools with 70,000 BAM in total.

Rewards were presented to 44 primary school pupils and 50 high school students who won awards at international, state and federal competitions. The competitions have been held in eight subjects: mathematics, physics, computer sciences, German language, English language, music, technical education and religious education.

Elvira Dilberović, the Minister of Education and Science of FB&H, said that all segments of society must recognize the effort and devotion of young people.

This is an amazing atmosphere. Although it is dark in here and there seems to be no light, the light is these young faces. Thank you all for coming here today, to brighten the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project “Znanjem u budućnost” (With Knowledge into the Future), in which the most talented students are rewarded, has been around for nine years already. This event celebrates the effort and knowledge of students from primary and high schools”, Dilberović said.

Dilbeorivć added that, unfortunately, talented children in B&H are often not acknowledged and that only the Ministry of Education and Science of FB&H has an ear for young talent, researchers and scientists, who are participating at various state and international competitions and achieving significant results.

We must prevent young people from leaving the country, and in order to keep them we must show not only understanding, but we must also financially reward them,” Dilberović said.

Demir Papić from the International High School Sarajevo won a bronze medal at the Balkan Championships in Mathematics.

The competition was held in Athens. It was really nice to represent the country at such a competition, where effort really paid off. I have finished high school with great success and enrolled in a good university. I am engaged in math and I will be engaged in it in the future as well,” Papić said.

Salko Zlatko Lagumdžija from the International High School Sarajevo also won a bronze medal at the international competition that was held in Thailand. He believes young people in B&H have a quality future, since the future comes from within them.

Hard work and effort always pay off, even if I hadn’t achieved this. No one can take away our knowledge, effort and work to make better people out of ourselves,” Lagumdžija said.

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