Sanjin Pehlivanović third-ranked in the International Billiards Tournament in Russia

Sanjin Pehlivanovic Billiard Title radiosarajevo.baA total of 128 contestants participated in the international billiards tournament “Kremlin Cup” which was held in Russia, and B&H had its representative who ended the tournament third-ranked.

Sanjin Pehlivanović is 14 years old and he is one of the most talented young players in the world. Some of the best billiards players of today have also played in this tournament, such as Shane van Boeing (USA), Mika Immonen (Finland), Rodney Morris (USA), Thorsten Hohmann (Germany), Ruslan Chinakov (Russia) and many others.

The young Pehlivanović, who is currently one of the five best young players bellow 17, caused much trill among the domestic audience and other players. Shane van Boeing was left in disbelief after finding out how old the semifinalist of the Kremlin Cup tournament is, and even told him that it is unbelievable that his play is at such level.

Next week Sanjin will perform at the World Junior Championships in Shanghai.


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