Sarajevo Airport expanding its Capacity by reconstructing the Terminal

sarajevo airportSarajevo International Airport has attracted many foreign airlines, who have decided that their flights are going to be done through this airport. Qatar Airways and Air Arabia are among the companies that recently announced the introduction of flights from their countries, to Sarajevo.

Knowing the capacity of the Sarajevo airport, we asked the management if they’re even capable of meeting all travellers needs with the existing capacities. We were told that everyone is continuously working on improving customer service and that they’re currently working on the reconstruction of both terminals of the International Airport in Sarajevo.

”These works are aimed at expanding the gate capacity, passport control, check-in counters and so on. We believe that with this extension, we’re going to be able to supply a larger number of passengers, especially due to the fact that from March, Air Arabia will start its airline from here” said Belma Ćureković, Associate for public relations, Sarajevo International Airport.

She pointed out that the negotiations with the airlines on the possible establishment of air lines is performed continuously, keeping in mind the interests of both sides. Negotiations with Air Arabia were a success and they’ll start their air lines on the 18th of March 2016.

”As far as Qatar Airways is concerned, we began intensive negotiations and we believe that this air line will be established in September of the current year, like it was announced. The interest of a growing number of airlines to establish flights from Sarajevo airport, means not only a lot to us but it’s also a huge step for tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina in general. Every new route brings a large number of benefits, especially in the bilateral tourism exchanges, and in the form of other opportunities with a focus on even better connections with other European and global markets,” said Ćureković.

42,567 passengers and 713 airline operations have been shipped from Sarajevo airport in the previous month, and the average is about 12 flights a day. Sarajevo International Airport pointed out that at the beginning of summer, a larger number of passengers and airline operations are expected. During this period new charter flights will be introduced, focusing on countries where citizens from Bosnia usually go on vacation.
Companies that have already signed the contract with Sarajevo International Airport are: Eurowings, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines, Pegasus, Austrian Airlines, FlyDubai, Adria Airways, Swiss and Norwegian.

(Source: klix)

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