Sarajevo Business Forum opens under the Motto “One region-one economy”

sarajevo business forumSarajevo Business Forum opens yesterday night in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, under the motto of “One region-one economy”.

SBF is recognized as one of the most important business and investment events of Southeast Europe initiated in 2010 in cooperation with our shareholders Islamic Development Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Dubai Islamic Bank.

Mladen Ivanic, Chairman of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), said at the opening ceremony that the influence of politics can be minimally seen in business. He stressed that the Convertible Mark (KM) currency is linked to the euro and that BiH’s banking system is aligned with the modern world.
“Trust is at the heart of every business deal. It is incredibly delicate – and powerful. It is also at the heart of this year’s theme: building a bridge between East and West. As this region moves closer to EU integration, our global partners can build avenues of commerce that create value here and abroad. Our theme ‘One Region, One Economy’ is also alive and well: no single country in Southeastern Europe can accomplish this on their own. Only with a united approach and strong cooperation can our Region represent opportunity for investors. Our differences should be presented as an opportunity and not a threat. As such, this year’s discussions will integrate energy, infrastructure, education, IT, tourism, trade and agriculture into a broader international context,” said Amer Bukvic, CEO of the Bosnia Bank International.

“Perhaps there is no better proof of this Forum’s value to investors and entrepreneurs than its prestigious supporters. I must first recognize the Presidency of Bosnia & Herzegovina for their high-level patronage of the Forum. I am also inspired by the participation of leading international and regional leaders as well as many influential figures from the world investment community. Thank you for joining us. Your efforts are critical in supporting free trade and  lasting economic ties to this region,” says Dr. Bandar M. H. Hajjar, President of the Islamic Development Bank Group.

“We are here because of an unshakeable belief that business and a spirit of openness can be transformative for a region and its peoples. A tolerant mindset is critically important in today’s world climate. This mindset takes a practical form of free trade policies that create the very requisites for peace and mutual prosperity. Bosnia—and the SEE region as a whole—can use these tools to become an international corridor for business. Perhaps there is no better place to create a powerful example of interdependence and inclusion than here,” adds Mr.Hajjar.

(Photo: TVSA)


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