Sarajevo Cantonal Court lifted all the Bans to Humanitarian Almir Cehajic

The Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor’s Office proposed an extension of the ban on Almir Cehajic Batko, but the Sarajevo Cantonal Court rejected the proposal and lifted all the ban, lawyer Omar Mehmedbašsic confirmed for the “N1” portal.

”The prohibition measures that were previously imposed on me have been lifted, and they are the ban on leaving the place of residence, traveling, undertaking certain business activities, visiting certain places and meeting with certain persons.”

Cehajic spent a month in detention on suspicion that by abusing his position and laundering money, he gained illegal benefits in the amount of more than half a million marks.

Applications were submitted by seven patients who are in the “Open Networks” program for cadaveric transplants. He was detained as part of an operation codenamed “Network”, and then searches were carried out at four locations and certain documentation was seized.

At one of the hearings, Cehajic said that “he is not fleeing anywhere and that he is ready to defend his honor, as if he had never experienced something like this in 58 years of his life.”

“We worked transparently. As for the loan, it’s revolving, so I took out a loan and paid for a woman’s treatment, but when the money raised arrived it was automatically repaid.” I am the owner of nothing, neither a company nor an association, nor am I a wealthy manipulator. It was a situation with this man who wanted his wife to be his donor. This was not possible because her life would be in question. It is true that one person has been waiting for a transplant since 2013, but that is what the doctors decided. I did not manipulate them, I encouraged them, “Cehajic said at the time.

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