” Sarajevo Fight 2”

Long anticipated “Sarajevo Fight 2”, a fighting spectacle of international scale will be better then its previous one. The ” Sarajevo Fight 2” will be held today at the Youth Center in Sarajevo, at 20:00 p.m.

Haris Sipović, the coach of the fighting sport club ” Scorpion” , and the organizer of this event, promises an unforgettable evening of fighting  sports  in the capital of B&H.

” This time, we can promise you even better fights and something that no one has seen before. It’s a K1 tournament of eight best fighters in our country in the category up to 86 kilograms. We will also elect the new B&H star in fight sports, and for this honor, he will have to win in three rounds for one night. I believe that this will be a night of true and honest fight. So due to that, there is only place for best fighters”- said Sipović

The contestants of the ”Sarajevo Fight 2” are: Dario Kadić, Omer Tekin, Mesud Selimović, Josip Semren, Luka Šimović, Igore Emkić and many more.

” All of them are already professionals in fighting sports not only in B&H but also in the region. They all have a large number of fights behind them. There will also be certain money prizes for the best three fighters. Dario Kadić has been preparing long for this fight and I think that he will ”shine” tonight and prove all his potential”- said Sipović.

At the ” Sarajevo Fight 2”, MMA fighters such as Alen Šabanović, Josip Artuković and Vaso Bakočević will have their individual fights.

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