Sarajevo as the Second City in the World to get Solar Benches

solarWonderful news about the new solar benches has brought smiles to the faces of the citizens of our capital city.

The solar benches work by embedded batteries which are powered by solar panels. These benches can be used for charging mobile phones, air quality readings any many more things. Furthermore, they may serve as the city lights.

The benches were installed in three locations in Sarajevo- two of them are installed near Festina Lente Bridge, another two are located near The National Theatre and the remaining two are near the Sarajevo City Centre (SCC).

Bosnia and Herzegovina has now become the second country in the world to have this kind of benches. The goal of this project was to raise awareness about renewable energy sources as a future energy source and protecting the environment.

The benches came to Sarajevo thanks to the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden.

Source: (radiosarajevo.ba)

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