Sarajevo in Lockdown: The Epidemiological Situation is getting worse, Hospitals are getting fuller

Sarajevo Canton still has the worst epidemiological picture, 779 new coronavirus-positive people were reported on Friday, and 16 people died. An increasing number of those infected need hospital treatment. Severe clinical pictures are becoming more common.

Due to this situation, Sarajevo Canton is in the lockdown last night at 8 p.m. Business facilities put the key in the lock until Monday morning.

Exceptions are pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores, as well as facilities that sell food and drinks. Normal traffic and public transport, with allowed movement until 23 hours.

At the most frequent tram stops, we also found a ovidC steward. They warn about the obligatory wearing of masks, keeping distance and taking into account the number of passengers.

Unfortunately, large crowds in front of the Covid ambulance have become commonplace in the Sarajevo Canton.

According to the data of the Public Institution Health Center, from the beginning of March until today, more than 17 thousand patients with suspected coronavirus infection have been examined.

The atmosphere in the call center is boiling and more than 14,000 calls were received last week.

More than 450 people were hospitalized in Sarajevo Canton, 308 in the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, and 143 in the General Hospital. Everything indicates that more people will continue to be asked for, claims infectologist Ednan Drljevic.

After the health workers of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo and the General Hospital were vaccinated, the vaccination started in the health centers of this canton. Healthcare workers in the primary sector will receive 300 doses.

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