Central Bank: Project of the New Building innovative and attractive

The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) has informed recently about the selection of the winner in the Tender Procedure for the construction solution of a new facility at the Hastahana site, and about its fulfilled legal obligations. The bided solution of ARH Group, Ltd was assessed as incomparably more qualitative, which facilitated the work for the Commission. Central banks around the world, at all times, leave the most beautiful buildings as a legacy to generations.

The Tender Commission unanimously selected the bidder ARH Group, Ltd, as the winner of the public competition for the selection of the conceptual design of the business facility for the needs of the CBBH – Main Unit Sarajevo. 

“The stated qualities and analysed advantages of the conceptual design have highly positioned the bided solution signed by the ARH Group, Ltd. In all evaluated relevant aspects, bided proposal of ARH Group, Ltd was assessed as incomparably more qualitative”, among other things, it is stated in the final report of the Commission featuring Ass. Prof., Ph.D. Pavle Krstić, B.Sc. in Architecture, Emeritus Ognjenka Finci, and Zijo Krvavac, B.Sc. in Architecture. 

After the election of the winner, the CBBH submitted the design to the Municipality of Centar and thus supplemented the previously submitted request for the issuance of the urban permit for construction at the plot in Kranjčevićeva Street, Hastahana site.

The report of the Tender Commission for conducting the public procurement procedure concludes that the idea of ​​”green architecture, with facades that contribute to the urban character of Kranjčevićeva Street, with all the safety qualities, required by this type of building”, is the best solution.

“The work is innovative and attractive with dosed and present transparency and openness towards Hastahana Park in the south and Kranjčevićeva Street in the north. This building is conceived at the best track of what is called “green architecture”, which is not common for buildings for this purpose, but this is a time of breaking stereotypes with good arguments,” the Commission’s conclusion states.

Since the delivery of Decision on the selection of the best bidder in this Invitation to Bid, the final report of the Commission, with all the details, is available on the CBBH website.

It is important to note that the CBBH works in the interest of all citizens, our unquestionable postulates are stability, trust and integrity in everything we do, is stated in the press release.

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