Sarajevo: Peaceful Walk for Gaza to Be Held Tomorrow

peaceful walk for gaza 1The Palestinian Diaspora Association and Association of Citizens “Svitanje” are organizing a peaceful walk for Gaza tomorrow.

Peaceful walk is planned to take place between Sebilj and BBI Center. The gathering is announced on the plateau of Sebilj at 13:45 o’clock. In front of the BBI tomorrow, the press statements and pronouncements of the organizers will held. The press statements will start at 14:45 o’clock and completion is set at 15.00 o’clock.

“In its continuous aggression on Gaza, the Israel is renewing the practice of the Nazi Holocaust, which was carried out against the Jews in Europe. Israel practiced a policy of the Holocaust on a daily basis for more than 66 years. The organization which carries out the Holocaust on Palestinians is the organized Zionist community which is far from the eyes of TV cameras and a variety of media”, was announced in a statement the organizers of tomorrow’s peaceful walks for Gaza.

They point out that “it is high time for international community and the liberals of the world to raise their voice. In addition, it is a high time to stop injustice, oppression, burning and killing. Also, the international community needs to support the right of Palestinians to an independent and sovereign state like all other nations in the world have.”


The Association of the Palestinian diaspora in Bosnia and UG “Svitanje” calls BiH citizens, especially the people of Sarajevo to participate in tomorrow’s rally, because, as they say, ” people of Sarajevo  know well what the siege means!”


(Source: Fena/photo oslobodjenje)

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