Sarajevo Police records significant Decrease in Misdemeanor Warrants for prohibiting Movement during the Curfew



In Sarajevo Canton, police officers fined 18 people on Tuesday for violating a restraining order and 22 for violating order on mandatory physical distance and using a protective mask, the Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Interior said.

Over the past 24 hours, officers of the Police Directorate of the MoI CS issued 16 misdemeanor warrants for prohibiting movement during the curfew, which is half the number of misdemeanors than the day before.

Two people were sanctioned for violating the prohibition on the movement of persons under the age of 18 and over 65 years. In addition, 22 misdemeanor warrants were issued for violating the order on compulsory social physical distance and compulsory use of a protective mask or another appropriate object while moving in public space.

On Monday, police said they have fined 152 people for violating these bans after announcing increased activity.

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