Sarajevo Settlement of Ciglane got a new Square

Works on the arrangement of a part of the Merhemica Square in Sarajevo settlement of Ciglane were finally completed. The Municipality of Centar financed the first phase of the reconstruction of this square, and the value of this project amounted to 549,000 BAM.

Companies “Bosman” and “Sela” were selected as the most favorable bidders for performing these works.

New panels were installed in the central part of Merhemica Square, as well as a ramp for disabled people and stairs all around the plateau. A new, six-level fountain has been built as well, and led lights are creating a special ambience. According to the project, a park mobiliar was also built on a part of the square next to the pedestrian zone. Moreover, the so-called submersible pillars were installed at the entrance to the square from Husrefa Redzica Street as well, whose main role is to prevent illegal parking of vehicles.

Mayor Nedzad Ajnadzic, Chairman of the Municipal Council Karolina Karacic and their associates visited the headquarters of the local community “Ciglane-Gorica” on Tuesday, February 20, 2018, in order to recapitalize all the activities that were realized, together with fellow residents, and they also visited the new square.

The President of the Council of the local community “Ciglane-Gorica”, Sandra Gluhic, further noted the importance of the realization of this project for the residents of the settlement of Ciglane.

“Until recently, this square was just a small plateau that played the role of improvised parking, and despite all of our efforts to prevent illegal parking, we did not succeed. Now, thanks to the Municipality of Center, this place has become more accessible for gatherings of our fellow residents who will be able to have a nice and safe walk and enjoy the beauty of our new square. The completion of the first phase of works on the arrangement of Merhemica Square represents a great contribution to our efforts to make our local community a more comfortable place to live,” said Gluhic.

(Source: akta.ba)

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