Sarajevo: The charter of Kulin Ban was awarded to Fan Shop of FC Željezničar

The silver Charter of Kulin ban, handmade by a jeweller Fahrudin Sofić, was awarded to the best stand of the Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market – the stand of Fan Shop of FC Željezničar .

Thanks to the guests’ votes out of 25 tenants who presented their products in 26 lodges, the Fan shop of FC Željezničar was proclaimed the winner thanks to its nicely decorated stand, which was completely adapted to the holiday spirit, in combination with recognisable blue colour of this football club.

The best worker of the 2nd Coca-Cola Sarajevo Market is the chef Alen Čolaković who every day prepared delicious meals that were on the menu for 33 days in the Sarajevsko Pivo Holiday Pub. He also worked on his own request two shifts, 12 hours a day.

Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market was organised by the City of Sarajevo, The zone of improvement of business Baščaršija and Sarajevo Navigator, with the help of USAID-Sida Firma project, said the Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market.

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