Scientist whose Work was rewarded by Barack Obama is coming to BiH?

sejdicIn the period from the 16th to 18th of March 2017, Sarajevo will host the largest regional scientific conference in the field of biomedical engineering, which will gather the world’s leading experts in these fields.

One of the speakers will be Ervin Sejdic, a prominent BH Scientist and one of the 105 researchers who received the presidential award for young scientists and engineers in the United States.

“Dr. Sejdic is a world-known name in the field of bioengineering and the use of information technology in health care system. We are very honored to host him and give young people the opportunity to recognize their talent for teaching. The man who published more than 90 publications in five years can really be an inspiration for all of our students,” said mr.sc. Lejla Gurbeta, president of the local organizing committee of the conference.

Ervin Sejdic is originally from Gradacac, and he currently works as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Young BH expert was forced to leave our country in 1992 because of the war, and his journey led him from Croatia, Hungaria, to Canada and finally the United States, where he specialized in several areas and achieved his PhD at the end.

He managed to add importance to science through experiments from his earliest research, as well as his revolutionary work. The result is 90 publications in the past five years. The award, which he received earlier this year, is the biggest award for young scientists in the United States. His research interests include biomedical signal processing, vascular aging, difficulties with swallowing, advanced information systems in medicine, rehabilitation engineering, etc.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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