Security Measures for the New Years celebration to be intensified

MIAPolice commissioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo (MIA CS) Vahid Cosic said that the MIA CS, after all the events in B&H, region and the world concerning disruption of the security situation, made detailed assessment of the security situation and exchanged information with all the intelligence and security agencies in B&H, and region through Interpol. Security measures will be intensified in the craziest night of the year in the capital of B&H.

“We are making safety assessment every month, and we brought a set of reinforced security measures in October. We are focused towards the fight against terrorism. MIA CS has no operational data on any kind of disruption of the security situation. We are working for longer period of time on organizing reinforced security measures on places where public celebration of New Year’s Eve will be organized in CS,” said Cosic to media during the New Year reception for media representatives that was organized by the Minister of the Internal Affairs Ismir Jusko and the Police Commissioner.

Cosic emphasized that the cooperation with the media is very important, adding that the Administration Police of MIA CS will continue to inform citizens on time regarding all events relevant to their lives and security in CS in the next year.

Minister of Internal Affairs Ismir Jusko said that he considers the media as a strategic partner in the job and that this cooperation will be continued in the following year. He also mentioned the new Law on Internal Affairs of CS, which will ensure financial independence of the Police Administration, and thus de-politicization of its work. The law should be on the agenda of the meeting of Assembly of CS which should be held on Tuesday.

“We have included all the amendments proposed by colleagues and I believe that the law will pass without any problems. We included the civilian control of the Interior Ministry through the Supervisory Board, so there will not be a problem. It is important that it comes into force and that the Ministry of Internal Affairs starts to act on the basis of it. I believe that the law will get the support of all members,” said Jusko.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)

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