Self-isolation or Test for Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina upon Entering in Croatia

Croatia will introduce restrictions for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who want to enter the country, it was confirmed at the press conference held on Friday by the Croatian Minister of Health Vili Beros.

“We also considered the situation at the borders. We will increase the criteria for entering Croatia and introduce self-isolation of 14 days and somewhat shorter isolation with the possibility of testing. These measures will be available in the afternoon,” Beros said, news portal reports.

Croats from BiH who have dual citizenship will still be able to enter Croatia without self-isolation. Also, whoever has the citizenship of one of the EU countries can normally enter Croatia.

Although the Croatian media announced yesterday that the National Staff of that country would make a decision on the same day on the obligatory 14-day self-isolation for all those who come to BiH, that did not happen. The decision announced by Beros today is different, because it refers to BiH citizens who do not have a passport.


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