Serbian President: The first Planes in Trebinje before the End of 2023

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, stated that he expects the first planes at the new airport in Trebinje before 2023.

After talks with Milorad Dodik, Vucic emphasized that funds had been provided for the construction of the airport, which would cost 70 million euros, while another 35 million euros would be invested in infrastructure equipment.

”You will see everything on the field as early as June 2022. I believe the first planes at the Trebinje airport will appear before the end of 2023, ” told Vucic.

That, he stated, should raise the whole of Herzegovina, bring Trebinje and Herzegovina closer to Belgrade and world centers.

Further, he added that the preparation of the planned project-technical documentation for the construction will be completed in March, and also that funds have been provided for the expropriation of land.


Source: Biznis Info

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