A new Walkway worth 181,000 BAM in Neum

The sea jewel of Bosnia and Herzegovina will get another walkway, according to the Federal Ministry of the Environment and Tourism.

According to the Ministry, the Municipality of Neum request financial support for a walkway along the seacoast in the center of the tourist destination.

“Considering that this is a significant tourist location, the development of Neum, as well as bettering its infrastructure, is a great importance to the Federation of BiH. In line with that, the Government of FBiH approved jointly financing the project in the amount of 100,000 BAM,” the Ministry told

The total value of the walkway is 181,076.69 BAM. The Federal Ministry for the Environment and Tourism will sign an agreement with the Municipality in which all details, as well monitoring of the use of funds, will be defined.


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