Session of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina is scheduled for Today


The session of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina is scheduled for today, and it will be the first session since the National Assembly of the Republika Srpska adopted conclusions concerning the Constitutional Court of BiH.

BiH’s Presidency Member and President of the Union of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD Party) Milorad Dodik announced in media that Republika Srpska’s representatives in state institutions will not participate in deciding any issues until the departure of foreign judges from the country’s Constitutional Court.

These conclusions obligate RS representatives in the BiH institutions to propose in the BiH Parliamentary Assembly the adoption of a law on the termination of the mandate of foreign judges and the election of domestic judges in the Constitutional Court of BiH.

The agenda of tomorrow’s session of the BiH Presidency has not been announced on the official website, but as Republika Srpska’s media reports Dodik has announced that it will seek a hearing on the appointment of a new foreign judge appointed by the European Court of Human Rights, as Dodik claims that his nomination proposal was not provided.

The last session of the Bosnian Presidency was held on February 3, before the BiH Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional a piece of the Law on Agricultural Land concerning the issue of state property, according to Fena.

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