Shameful swastika Graffiti drawn on the Obituary of Music Legend Zelimir Altarac Cicak

On Tuesday night, the Jewish community in Sarajevo strongly condemned the barbaric act of drawing a swastika on the death notice of the recently deceased member and legend of the Sarajevo music scene, Zelimir Altarac Cicak.

Namely, in the photo that was posted on Facebook, a swastika was on the obituary in front of the building of the Jewish community in Sarajevo.

“We are especially concerned that someone, at the time of one of the biggest crises that our society has faced so far, drew a swastika on the obituary of a Jew that was placed on the gate of the Jewish community in Sarajevo, during the Pesach holiday, in the middle of the day, which was the rehearsed act,” stated Boris Kozemjakin, President of the Jewish Community of Sarajevo.

He pointed out that he hoped Sarajevo would condemn this shameful act.

“We hope that Sarajevo, the City, and the citizens will condemn this unreasonable act of hatred, and the competent authorities, with a quick reaction, will find out the identity of the perpetrator and adequately sanction his act,” Kozemjakin added.

Zelimir Altarac Cicak was previously hospitalized at Sarajevo University Clinical Center (in Bosnian: KCUS) due to health problems, and then he got the coronavirus and died from its consequences on March 27th.

Yesterday, his friends and family said goodbye to him at the funeral at the city cemetery Bare.

Cicak was a legend of the Sarajevo music scene. He will be remembered as a pioneer of disc jockey, editor and host of numerous popular radio and television shows, promoter and organizer of major rock spectacles, publicist and animator of rock culture, initiator of various musical events that have become traditional.

He received his last recognition in December 2020, when he was proclaimed an Honorary Citizen of the City of Sarajevo, Klix.ba writes.

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