Shopping Centres reopened in Bosnia and Herzegovina!


At session of the Crisis Staff of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina held on Wednesday, mitigation of a number of measures were discussed. Among the decisions made is a permit to work within catering facilities.

This decision was also supported by the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health, because the epidemiological situation in the Federation has been favorable in recent weeks. Gathering in public places is allowed for up to 100 people, and inside the cafe should not be more than 50, or depending on the size of the space.

It is still mandatory to follow the recommendations of the Federal Public Health Institute. It is necessary to provide disinfectants at the entrance to the facility, and it is necessary to disinfect the tables after each guest. Payment of bills will continue to be made at the table, all to avoid additional exposures.

The work of hookah bars are not yet allowed. Also, at the session, the Crisis Staff of the Federation of BiH adopted the decision to open shopping centers again as of Wednesday evening.

The order to close the shopping centers was issued by the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters on March 18, after the declaration of the state of an accident due to the coronavirus pandemic.

(Source: Avaz,


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