Silent Disco in Sarajevo Tonight, Tomorrow in Mostar

gluhi_diskoTonight in Art Kino Kriterion in Sarajevo there will be a silent disco party.

During the summer, silent disco took place in the Bosnian Cultural Center, and with te upcoming winter period, will return again to Art Kino Kriterion. Ventilation was installed during the summer, and the area is prepared for a party until dawn.

Silent disco is the name for a party where people dance along to music that they listen to on wireless headphones. Instead of speakers, the music is heard through FM transmitters. Silent disco is popular at music festivals because dancing and music can take place late into the night without disturbances.

This time, the line up is: Funk Efemdzemov, Blackfrut, Bonjasky, Rimaad, Riven, Zlijay, and the public will have the chance to listen to music from ‘blue’ and ‘green’ channels through their headphones.

On the next night, 7 December, silent disco will travel to Mostar, where Riven, Bonjasky, Blackfrut, Play On, Miss Slave and By Nino in Arabica Club will entertain the public.

Video: http://youtu.be/rsdl-ALTWqg

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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