Six New Ministers in the RS Government

Mandator Željka Cvijanović proposed today six new ministers in the RS government, while 10 would remain from the former government.

The new Minister for Trade and Tourism will be Maida Ibrišagić-Hrstić, Radislav Jovičić is the Minister for Internal Affairs, Stevo Mirjanić is the Minister for Agriculture, Goran Mutabdžija is the Minister for Education and Health, Slobodan Stanić is the Minister for Health, and Igor Vidović is the Minister for Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation.

In the RS government Željko Kovačević remains, the former Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, the Ministry of Finance Zoran Tegeltija, Miniser for Family, Youth and Sport Nada Tešanović, Minster for Administration and Local Government Lejla Lejla Rešić, Minister for Transportation and Communication Nedeljko Čubrilović, Minster of Justice Gorana Zlatković. Srebrenka Golić will continue to lead the department of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology, as well as the Minister for Labor, Veterans-Invalid Protection Petar Đokić, the Minister for Refugees and Displaced Peoples Davor Čordaš and the Minister for Science and Technology Jasmin Komić.

In the cabinet of Željka Cvijanović national representation is respected, and five departments represent Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats.

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