Slovenia started issuing Informational Accounts for Payment of Old Foreign Currency Savings

Ljubljanska-bankaOn the website of the Succession Fund of the Republic of Slovenia yesterday was released information that they have started sending informative accounts to depositors who had the old foreign currency savings in Ljubljanska Banka, and who have requested the payment.

Depositors have the right to appeal on the submitted budgets within one month, after which it becomes final, and the old foreign currency savings must be paid to the person who made the request within 30 days.

Around 130,000 people in B&H are claiming the old foreign currency savings from the former Ljubljanska Banka, for which will be necessary around 250 million EUR. Payments will be made within 3 months from the recognition of verification, and according to the latest information, depositors from Croatia should be paid first and then from B&H.

Slovenians asked from B&H institutions submitting of data from the former Ljubljanska Banka in Sarajevo. The Council of Ministers, meanwhile, formed an Expert group for alignment of proposals with the Slovenian representatives in order to resolve all issues regarding the delivery of data for verification, as well as draft of memorandum of cooperation and understanding, in favor of B&H depositors included in the verdict.

The expert group is consisted of representatives of the Ministries of Finance and Treasury, Justice and Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Representative of the Council of Ministers of the European Court of Human Rights and Entity Ministries of Finance and Directorate for Finances of Brcko District.

It is not known whether any of B&H depositors received informative account, because the process of submitting documents for verification was going very slow so far. Depositors have until the end of 2017 to submit requests for the return of old foreign currency savings.
(Source: S. H./Klix.ba)

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