With Amendments to the Law, everyone in FB&H to become Organ Donors

kcusThe Government of FB&H has established and forwarded in the parliamentary procedure by shortened procedure Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on organs and tissues transplantation for therapeutic purposes.
This is done on the basis of the initiative sent by the Association of dialysis and transplant patients of FB&H to the Federal Ministry of Health, indicating certain shortcomings of the Law, which substantially limit the possibility of organ donation and their use for transplantation. The Association also drew attention to the particular disadvantages of dialysis patients, severe conditions in which dialysis is taking place, the fact that the number of these patients is constantly increasing, and the financial aspects of dialysis.

In the initiative was indicated that there is need in the law to secure the so called “presumed consent”.
Therefore, one of the proposed amendments in the Law is related to Article 30, which now prescribes that it is allowed to take organs and tissues from deceased persons for transplantation for therapeutic purposes, under the condition that the donor did not opposed it in writing form during his life.

Adult capable of reasoning can give a written statement about non-donation of organs and tissues after death in the purpose of treatment to primary care physicians or the relevant cantonal or federal Ministry of Health.

It should be noted that the majority of European countries have laws in the field of transplantation based on presumed consent, which proved to be the most effective and most practical solution since it increases the possibility for treating by transplants. These health systems have, for example, Austria, Spain, Luxembourg, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, France, Hungary, Norway, Croatia and many other countries.
(Source: klix.ba)

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