Slovenians drinking Zlatna Dzezva more Every Day

zlatna dzezvaZlatna Dzezva (Golden coffee pot) is a brand that is on the second place by the customers’ loyalty in Slovenia in the category of traditional coffee, and its recognition on this market is doubled in comparison with last year, which is the result of market research that was conducted recently in Slovenia.

“We hired the Slovenian market research agency to give us an insight into the current situation, and we got surprised by the results. We are on the second place by loyalty with index of 57.4 %, and we increased our recognition on this market by 100 % in comparison with last year. Customers and lovers of genuine Bosnian coffee in Slovenia recognized our quality and gave us their trust. Zlatna Dzezva is currently sold at about 1,000 retail outlets in Slovenia. This is a great success of Zlatna Dzezva and our entire team in Slovenia led by our Tomi Lednik,” said Head of Marketing and Sales at Vispak Ltd. Visoko Armin Hodzic.

In the survey of 2014, brand Zlatna Dzezva achieved 16.2 % of name recognition, while the research this year showed 34.7 % of recognition, which means that brand recognition doubled in the period from November 2014 to August 2015, as announced from Press Center of AS Group.

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