Solve the Issue of Immovable Military Property

The Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers Vjekoslav Bevanda spoke yesterday with the Secretary General of NATO Fogh Rasmussen during his visit to Sarajevo.

The BH Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija and the Minister of Defense Zekerijah Osmić attended the meeting.

Chairman Bevanda took the opportunity to thank NATO for its invaluable contribution to the stability and peace of BiH, and to continue to provide assistance in the training of the BiH Armed Forces.

Rasmussen thanked the contribution of the BiH Armed Forces to the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.

He said that he came to encourage BiH politicians to continue with reforms and to solve the question of immovable military property and to register it as state property.

Emphasizing that BiH will benefit greatly from NATO membership and in the EU, Rasmussen gave as an example Central and Eastern European countries who enjoy security and attract foreign investors.

He said that NATO is ready to help these efforts, and that only BiH can implement necessary reforms that will be of greatest benefit to BiH citizens.

They expressed hope that political leaders should speak out on this issue and to come to an agreement and to separate military and state property.

Rasmussen said that the solution to this issue will be of benefit to the state that will receive the assets it needs, and a part of it will be allocated to entities and municipalities that will use the assets in the interest of the citizens.

After BiH solves the issue of immovable military assets and after it is registered as state property, Rasmussen said that NATO is prepared to activate MAP.

The BiH Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of the Commission for NATO integration process Ana Trišić-Babić attended the meeting.

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