Some Progress on Appointment of Judges to FBiH Constitutional Court

INCKO ZVANI?NA FOTOGRAFIJA-4The High Representative to BiH Valentin Inzko said to journalists in Sarajevo yesterday after the meeting with representatives of the executive and legislative authorities in the FBiH that some progress has been made in the appointment of judges to the FBiH Constitutional Court after five years of delay.

He explained that at the meeting with the FBiH Prime Minister Živko Budimir was committed to confirm the appointment of judges to the FBIH Constitutional Court as soon as possible from the ranks of the Serbian people Mladen Srdić, given that he received huge support in the House of Peoples. Therefore, there should be no dispute over his appointment.

Inzko stressed that Budimir was committed to submit a new name for a judge in the Constitutional Court from the list of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council that would replace Faris Vehabović, who took office in the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg.

“The House of Peoples College, whose members participated in today’s meeting in OHR, are committed to holding a session at which delegates will declare the appointment of a new judge from the Bosniak people that would replace Vehabović’’, said Inzko.

When it comes to naming two more judges from the Bosniak and Croatian people, Inzko said that discussions would continue, but he expressed hope that they would soon be named.

At the end he announced that a new meeting in OHR would be held on 30 April, where they would finally resolve the issue of the appointment of Srdić and a judge from the Bosniak people that would replace Vehabović.

(Source: Fena)

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