Sorensen: We Want to See Convincing Efforts by B&H on its European Path

sorensen zvaničnaThe Head of the EU Delegation and Special Representative of the EU to B&H Ambassador Peter Sorensen reiterated in Banja Luka today that the EU wishes to see convincing efforts by B&H on resolving issues that are necessary for its European path.

He said that the EU remains firmly behind B&H in its efforts to join the European community and that some conditions have to be met for this to happen.

At a press conference that took place after a meeting with Dodik, Sorensen said that a solution on a coordination mechanism could be soon reached.

He offered the assistance of the EU in the process of resolving conditions set for B&H, and stressed that local governmental representatives must reach an agreement.

Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador of Great Britain to B&H Nigel Casey, Ambassador of Italy Ruggero Corrias, Charge D’Affaires of the Embassy of Greece Sotirios Demesticas, Deputy Chief of the Mission of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain Luis Bueno and the General Counsel of Croatia in Banja Luka Dunja Jevak will speak with RS officials today on pressing issues that must be resolved so that B&H could progress in European integration, and primarily by implementing ‘Sejdić-Finci’ and establishing EU coordination mechanisms.

They will also meet with leaders in Banja Luka and visit ‘Kastel’, whose reconstruction is financed by the EU. They will also meet with representatives of local nonprofit organizations and will visit an orphanage, announced the EU Delegation to B&H.


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