Sports-Recreational and Tourist Center to be constructed on Rostovo (video)

rostovoWorks on the construction of future sports, recreation and tourist center at Rostovo, in the municipality of Bugojno, are taking place.

Machines and workers of the company “Sirbegovic” as well as the other companies that are engaged in 10 million EUR worth project are working on setting up of the concrete construction.

“We are satisfied with the dynamics of work that we have done so far. I’m sure that the same will happen later, when we perform works in the interior of the building,” said Asim Sahman, representative of the company “Biser Rostova”, and handball coach with address in Qatar.

It is believed that the started activities in the first phase of the project will be completed by the 15th of June, and the project should be completed by the end of 2018.

“Sports hall will have parquet floors, and foundation for a handball matches. The first match should be played at the end of June. There will be also a hotel, with 62 beds, with high class restaurant, reception and a separate coffee shop for visitors and audience at the ground floor. We will also have a large gym, indoor pool with sauna, massage room, and all other supporting facilities,” explained Sahman.

Mayor of Bugojno Hasan Ajkunic visited the construction site Rostovo in the previous days, and assessed the construction of sports-recreation and tourist center “Biser Rostova” as important for Bugojno as well as the whole country.

The video can be seen on the following link.



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