Srebrenica: Action to Remove Stray Dogs

Municipality Srebrenica has signed an Agreement with the Public Utility Company ‘’Glog’’ from The Eastern part of the old city, which will be responsible for catching stray dogs in the area of Srebrenica.

The action to remove stray dogs has begun and will last for the next two days, confirmed the Veterinary Inspector for the municipality.

‘’16 stray dogs have been caught. The action continues, and we will see the final results of the action. The plan is to first find stray dogs in Srebrenica, and then in Potočari and Skelani. We expect action from citizens as well, so where stray dogs appear the most, we will be there and do our part’’, said Hasmir Mujčinović, the Veterinary Inspector in Srebrenica for FENA.

Stray dogs will be placed in a shelter for dogs, confirmed the municipal veterinary services.

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