Stage performance ”Sedma Soba”

The project ”Sedma Soba” is an exhibition-stage performance, staged on the 7th November 2012 at the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the organization of the Association ”Kontakt”, whose primary activity is to incite and research performing arts.

After a successful premiere during November and because of the great interest of the audience, on the 30th November and on the 1st December, there will be another performance of ” Sedma Soba” at the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project carries the story about the path of life and the parallels between youth and old age. This project also wants to portray for the audience the aspect of all beauties and fears of experience that elderly people carry with themselves in order to emphasize the discrimination in the relationship of the society towards this part of the population.

In accordance with the conception of the story behind the project, it is being realized in the collaboration with the Center for Healthy Ageing Novo Sarajevo and the Art Gallery B&H.

An interesting fact is that besides the acting cast consisting of: Ermin Bravo, Maja Izetbegović, Džana Pinjo, Jasenka Pašić, Boris Ler and Alban Ukaj are also members of the Center for Healthy Ageing Novo Sarajevo. Those are: Suada Filipović, Dika Karup, Nezaheta Hadžović, Mujo Poprženović, Mubera Koš, Nazifa Duran and Mehmed Avdić. They all have more than 60 years and are participating in this kind of project for the first time.

Together with the actors and other authors in the team, for example with the director Selma Spahić, Mirna Ler and Ira Isović, they have gone through a long period of research, where they shared their life experience with the actors. Besides sharing their life experience with the actors of the project, they have also talked about the cultural fact of the life of every individual, about habits, similarities and difference between now and then, in order to create the best story that will be enacted on stage.

This will be the third project of the Association ”Kontakt” that puts emphasis on the social problems in this country. The idea of the project was to have older generations participating in the process of making art and to pay attention to their inclusion to the contemporary society and culture.


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