State Investigation and Protection Agency to get New Director soon

The Independent Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Parliamentary Assembly, at a session in Sarajevo, found that one of the five applications for the SIPA director vacancy was incomplete.

It was an application by Njegos Jovanovic, whose application was incomplete and he cannot go on to run for the head of the State Investigation and Protection Agency.

It has been established that duly filed applications were sent by Perica Stanic, current director, Darko Culum, director of Republika Srpska Police, as well as Goran Zubac, former director of SIPA, and Zarko Laketa, current police chief from Trebinje.

The Independent Committee has confirmed that candidates whose applications meet the requirements of the competition will interview the Committee immediately after the competent authorities have submitted to the Committee the results of the verifications carried out in accordance with the law.

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