Stewardess Vesna Vulović, the only Survivor of JAT Plane Crash, passes away

vesna-vulovicFormer stewardess of JAT Vesna Vulović, known as the only person to survive the plane crash 44 years ago, passed away in Belgrade at the age of 67.

Vesna Vulović, born in Belgrade in 1950, entered the Guinness World Record Book as the person who survived the fall from the height of 10.160 meters without a parachute.

The crash happened in 1972, when JAT plane crashed above Czechoslovakia.

Vesna Vulović survived since she was buckled up to her seat in the back of the plane. After the explosion, that part of the plane remained connected to the toilets and fell on the snow-covered mountain.

The 22-year-old stewardess was not even supposed to be on that flight, but she substituted another stewardess, whose name was also Vesna.

Vesna continued to work for JAT but not as a stewardess. She worked at a counter after recovering from the injuries which included skull fracture, both broken legs, and three broken vertebras, one of which was totally crushed and left her temporarily paralyzed from waist down.

Vesna started walking again after several months and after several surgeries.

Vesna Vulović received the title for the Guinness World Record from Paul McCartney. Later she became the national hero in Yugoslavia during the seventies.


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