Stone Spheres from the Jurassic Period found in Velika Kladuša

kamene kugleStone spheres similar to those recently discovered in Zavidovići were found in the settlement Zborište near Velika Kladuša. According to first estimates, the spheres are 30 million years old and they originate from the Jurassic period.

First stone spheres in the settlement Zborište in Velika Kladuša were found in 2015, when they were discovered by locals. However, due to the lack of knowledge about the matter, the news never came to public. The man who is the most deserved for the discovery of the spheres is a nature enthusiast and alpinist from Velika Kladuša Šefik Sadiković.

“The spheres were discovered by a creek. Due to heavy precipitation in 2014, the creek made a deep canyon in the area. Two spheres were found by locals who went to collect wood in the forest, and they brought the smaller one home with them on a tractor. When the news reached me, I went to the location and found two more spheres,” said Sadiković.

Sadiković found one sphere with a volume of seven meters and a smaller one with a volume of 52 centimeters. The volume of two stone spheres found by locals is 3.70 and 1.70 meters. Sadiković is certain that there are plenty spheres undiscovered at this area, but that they are hidden deeply under the ground.

Several days ago, two geologists Ševket Goletić from Bosanska Krupa and Senad Karajić from Velika Kladuđa visited the site of the discovery of the spheres. They determined the structure and manner of creation of the four stone spheres.

“According to the surroundings, we concluded that the spheres have not been moved since the creation,” said Goletić.

According to first estimates, these spheres comprise more elements.

“Titanium, zircon, vanadium and barium indicate the sedimentary origin and chrome, copper and nickel indicate the origin from mafic rocks. Experts have several different names for these stone spheres according to the structure or manner of creation,” Goletić explained.

When it comes to time and manner of creation of the stone spheres, Goletić emphasized that man has nothing to do with the creation of this natural phenomenon.

“Time of creation is the Jurassic period, which means approximately 30 million years ago. It is known that the Pannonian Sea withdrew from this area some seven million years ago, which means that the spheres were created deeply under the surface of the sea as a consequence of volcanic activity,” said Goletić.

Goletić said that such stone spheres can be found everywhere on earth. The largest concentration of stone spheres is in Western Mexico, and the famous ones in BiH are around Zavidovići.

(Source: klix.ba)

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