Street Action “Resistant to Corruption, (Anti) Corruption in B&H Society” in Sarajevo

otporni_na_šteluResistant to corruption, (anti) corruption in B&H society is the title of street action announced for today at 12:00 in front of Cathedral in Sarajevo.

This street action is organized by Foundation CURE in cooperation with Anti-corruption network of civil society organizations in B&H ACCOUNT and will be joined by Damir Mašić, Federal Minister of education and science, who will talk with citizens on corruption, specifically the fight against corruption, with emphasis on the corruption in education and will also contribute to this street action.

United Nations Office on fight against drugs and crime (UNODC) made a report “Business, corruption and crime in B&H: Impact of bribery and other criminal activities in the private enterprise”, based on the interviews conducted with 2.000 representatives of companies. The report reveals that the corruption and other types of crime are major obstacles for private enterprise and have negative effects on the private investments in B&H.

Corruption in B&H every second “takes away” 25 BAM and 20 % of population in B&H has been giving bribes, while the average amount of bribes per person is 220 BAM.

(Source: Fena)

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