Success: BiH Singer Sheyla at the Music Competition Music I/O

12516321_1107853885932233_1536469014_nThe BiH singer Šejla Grgić, also known as Sheyla, is to participate in the musical competition Music I/O.

It is an online competition open for all musicians in the world. As Sheyla said, it is enough to upload one or more music videos (original, cover, instrumental, etc.) and fill-in several forms.

“The competition is being held every two weeks. Music I/O has an annual budget divided to frequent competitions which start and end on Mondays. After the first round, all winners have an opportunity to participate in the Grand Finale after June, where the first prize is 100,000 USD. It is not just an online competition, you can also make valuable contacts, communicate with other contestants, exchange opinions, and there is also the music itself,” Sheyla said.

The singer, who became popular lately thanks to her amazing covers of world hits, believes that she will represents herself and her country at this competition.

“It is very important for me to show the splendor of talents of BiH musicians. That is why I published one solo cover and one with a band. I am nervous because musicians from all around the world participate. This is the first experience of this kind for me and we will see how it goes,” said Sheyla.

You can vote via your Facebook profile by visiting Music I/O page or by mail. The voters thus gain right to listen to all the music loaded on the page. After this, the voters can listen to Sheyla’s covers Chandelier and Runnin’, click “boost” which is charged 0.10 USD and brings 10 points or click “pick” which is free, but contributes to victory.

Everyone can also share the videos, so that other people can watch and vote as well.


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