Parisian publisher published a book of Jasna Šamić

BiH writer Jasna Šamić published her novel ‘The Empire of Shadows’ (L’Empire des Ombres) at the publisher ‘Mon petit éditeur’ from Paris, and so, French readers will also be able to enjoy the novel, reports FENA.

President of the Bosniak Association of Culture ‘Preporod’ Senadin Lavić said that the novel is an autobiography where Jasna Šamić talks about her mother and her life in general through various periods of history, describing the youth of her mother, the middle age, and the old age, and in the meantime it talks about the Yugoslav society before and after communism, and Sarajevo during nineties and post-war Sarajevo.

The novel also has an addendum where the author talks about Paris, Baudelaire and Rumi.

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