Successful Business of Company Mann+Hummel BA from Tešanj

Te?anj 2By: Nevena Šarenac

A presentation was held in Sarajevo yesterday of the business opportunities of the company Mann+Hummel BA from Tešanj, which is a part of the world renowned group Mann Hummel.

Mann Hummel Group is a leading expert in the development of solutions and development of filtering, and a partner and supplier of original equipment for the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries. It employs 14.900 people in 59 locations throughout the world.

A statement on the successful business of the company Mann Hummel BA from Tešanj was provided to portal “Sarajevo Times” from the German Embassy to BiH.

“Mann Hummel is a great example for successful privatization in BiH. The company has invested millions of Euros, created more than four hundred jobs and therefore provided a significant contribution to the economic development not only for the region of Tešanj, but also for the whole country’’, said Jens Wagner, the Spokesperson for the German Embassy in Sarajevo.

The Director of Mann Hummel BA Tešanj Smail Tešanj said to “Sarajevo Times” that until 2005, this company operated under the name “Unico Filter” and in that year entered the German group Mann Hummel.

Mann Hummel BA Tešanj employs 530 people today.

“We plan to increase production by around 30 percent this year in comparison to last year. We also anticipate a trend growth of 10-15 percent in the next years and expect that by 2015 we would increase production by 65 percent in comparison to 2012”, said Ramović.

He confirmed that 96 percent of the total production of Mann Hummel BA Tešanj is exports, from which 51 percent are in the German, followed by the Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese markets.

The presentations of the business opportunities of Mann Hummel BA from Tešanj until now took place in Mostar, Bihać, Bijeljina, Livno and Sarajevo, and according to Director Ramović, they plan to present in cities in the Serbian cities of Kragujevac, Belgrade, Novi Sad, and would then continue with presentations in Croatia.

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