Supervisory Board of BH-Gas reached a Decision on reducing the Price of Gas?

gasManagement of the company BH-Gas Sarajevo yesterday forwarded the Decision by the Supervisory Board of BH-Gas on the reduction of prices of gas for distributing companies from 640 BAM to 550 BAM for 1,000 cubic meters of gas to the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry for consideration, BH-Gas stated.

After the proposal is considered by the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, consent must be obtained from the Ministry of Trade of BiH as well, after which it will be forwarded to the FBiH Government.

As defined, the proposed reduction in prices of gas should be retroactively counted to the distributive companies from January 1, 2016.

Enterprise BH-Gas highlights that they expect this reduction in prices to reflect on the end users, the citizens of Sarajevo, in the same percent.

Moreover, the management of BH-Gas expect the CPUC Sarajevogas to finally start paying its liabilities towards the BH-Gas regularly, which was not the case so far, thus the debt reached the amount of 71.3 million BAM to this day, plus the accrued statutory interest amounting to 17.2 million BAM.

At the same session, the Supervisory Board of BH-Gas reached a decision on reducing the price of gas for industrial users by 14 percent.


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