Sušić: Our Aim Was to Provide As Stronger Resistance as Possible

safet_susicThe coach of football representation of B&H Safet Sušić after the defeat of our team from Argentina with the result 2:1 during the first performance at the World Cup said that hi is satisfied with the game of his team.

“One thing is to watch Argentina play, and another thing is to play against them. That is a great team. They have one player that every time that receives the ball there is chance of scoring a goal. We are satisfied. We should be realistic, our aim was to provide as stronger resistance as possible against Argentina that is one of the favorites for the title of champions. I think player did what we expected them to do. They played very well. The physiological pressures had its impact as well”, said Sušić.

They will play next matches of F group with Nigeria and Iran and Sušic estimated them as very important.

“We will play against both opponents. Most likely, we will need four points, maybe even 6 to be qualified among the best 16 teams. I told to players that this match is not a key match but matches to come are key ones. We did not lose anything yet regardless of the defeat. I hope that the goal that we scored means a lot”, said Sušić for BHT.

(Source: Fena)

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