Svetinja Waterfall is an amazing Site to visit!

Vodopad-Veliki-buk-LisinieEvery year at the Svetinja spring in Dobro Selo near Bužim, there is a large gathering of people here to see an unusual occurrence, where the water starts to gurgle exactly at noon’’, writes “Dnevni Avaz”.

Individuals draw water, wash themselves, and the bravest bathe with their clothes on under the waterfall. Many believe that the water has healing powers.

Ferida Duraković bathed under the waterfall in her clothes. She came all the way from the US and could not resist the charm of this water.

“If something like this existed in the US, there would be hundreds of thousands of tourists’’, said Ferida.

According to the legend, caravans passed through this area on their way to Gvozdensko, and a beautiful girl who was blind passed through on the caravan. When they sat to rest here, the girl was taken by surprise when she heard the gurgling of the water. She washed herself, and all of a sudden regained her sight.

Since then, this spring has been called “Svetinja”, and the area is called Dobro Selo (good village).

At this place, the water from the spring flows for an hour, and then dries up for an hour.

It is interesting that on 6 may the water flows exactly at noon, and this is the main reason why on this day more than a thousand people gathered here to witness something unusual.

The majority of people who came here were those who washed themselves and drank the water for its supposed invigorating and health benefits, and many visitors took some water home with them.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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