Svilaj Bridge worth 53.8 million BAM finally connected, bringing BiH and Croatia closer

Deputy Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sasa Dalipagic and Minister of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia Oleg Butkovic visited the bridge during the ceremony marking the connection of the downstream bridge over the Sava River near Svilaj.

The bridge over the Sava River near Svilaj is the highway link on Corridor Vc between BiH and Croatia, section of the highway in the Republic of Croatia: Sredanci – the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the section of the highway in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Odzak – the border of the Republic of Croatia, the inter-state Svilaj bridge.

“By joining the coast of two neighboring and friendly countries, the construction of Corridor Vc was fully fulfilled,” said Deputy Minister Dalipagic and thanked the Croatian Minister for encouraging the construction of this extremely important bridge.

During visit of the site, Minister Butkovic said he expected the works on the bridge to continue with this intensity so that it could be opened at the end of this year, pointing out that the bridge will connect not only two states but also residents from both sides of the Sava.

The Bridge Construction Agreement was signed in mid-July 2016, works began in September of the same year, while their completion was planned for the second half of the current year.

This is a major infrastructure project on Corridor Vc, which will connect the motorway from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia to the river Sava, with a value of 53.8 million BAM.

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