”Tajna džema od malina” in the direction by Selma Spahić

The repertoire of the Sarajevo War Theater in 2013 will be richer for another theater piece. This theater piece is entitled ” Tajna džema od malina” and it is being staged and adapted by our talented and young B&H director Selma Spahić. This theater piece is based on the collection of short stories by Karim Zaimović who lost his life during the Siege of Sarajevo. His novel ”Tajna džema od malina” was written during the Siege and it was published after the Siege, and since then Zaimović’s literary output was compared to the biggest names in literature.

” ” Tajna džema od malina” is a collection of short stories that gives Sarajevo a magical moment, while simultaneously dealing with the idea of the city with all its vices and virtues”- emphasizes Spahić.

Karim Zaimović as a talented author wrote his stories which were frequently full of neologisms that served as a inexhaustible source of creative output. This is also the case with our young director:

” I am doing the adaptation of his collection of short stories because of the current great interest in Zaimović’s literary output.”- said Spahić.

According to the director, a premiere of this theater piece can be expected in February 2013. The main roles in this theater piece will be played by Alban Ukaj Snežana Alić, Jasenko Pašić, Ermin Bravo, Adi Hrustemović and Benjamin Bajramović.

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