Take a Look at the New Port, Marina and the Square in Neum (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]The company Ecoplan Mostar prepared the conceptual design of port and marina in Neum, thus the only B&H city on the sea could get fully arranged coastal area soon.

The project represents arranging of the coastal area in a length of 400 meters, 120 meters wide, on the section from the Hotel Sunce to the City Park in Neum.

Neum is one of the very few Mediterranean cities with the essential problem of not having the city square, a place that gives the identity to the city. Residents of Neum, as well as visitors of this city, are feeling this problem, which has been addressed through this project.

The main objectives of the project are to arrange neglected part of the coast with abandoned and devastated buildings, according to all previous plans, to design the main square – Riva, the center of the Mediterranean city by the sea with all facilities, and to get the city public space closer to the sea. Moreover, it is planned by this conceptual design to permanently solve the problem of accommodation of the Port Police, Customs and Border Police in Neum, and to solve trouble of tying boats by population in the city marina and in order to left hundreds of illegal moorings and thus to get the coast to a satisfactory state.

With this project, the port and the city marina in Neum as well as the main problem of not having the city square would be solved, a connection of the sea and the Mediterranean city would be established and a new urban area will be opened for the residents of Neum that would give the new identity to the city.


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