Take a look at how Hotel “Viewpoint” on Trebevic could look like (Gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] At the site of the former restaurant “Viewpoint (Vidikovac)” on Trebevic, the city of Sarajevo should get one of the most beautiful and the most representative hotels, which the former popular and favorite picnic site of people of Sarajevo definitely  deserve.

Studio of Sarajevo’s architect Amir Vuk Zec  presented possible conceptual design for the modern hotel “Viewpoint” on Trebevic to Mayor Ivo Komsic and his deputy Abdulah Skaka, in the premises of the City Administration.

“As I am born Sarajevo, and from the love and the desire to design a building that would be compatible to atmosphere by any standards, I decided to do the preliminary design as a tribute to the city of Sarajevo,” said Amir Vuk Zec.

The architect created conceptual design of this facility as stranded “cruiser” in greenery. It will be consisted of three floors. There will be a hotel with over 30 rooms, restaurant, cafe and pastry shop, gift shop, spa center, conference room, garage and other ancillary facilities.

“This ‘Cruiser’ which stranded on the lookout will offer the main attractions on the roof with a great view, lower levels will have selected offer, sleeping levels will be placed at lower levels, and the lowest will be deck for the technical support of the complex”, said Amir Vuk Zec.

The concept of Vuk’s projected hotel is based on the concept of the viewpoint.

“We are expecting a large number of daily visitors, tourist groups-guests who will stay shortly for sightseeing, couple of selfies, souvenirs with espresso and sandwich. The second level will be for those who want to take their guests for lunch and dinner, and show them the city,” noted Vuk in his presentation.

The architect says that access to the viewpoint is on the north side and will continue with the walk on the roof, which will have a slight slope for people with disabilities. Next is the console for selfies, balconies for group purposes. The western approach to the northern ramp, eastern leveled terraces along the southern ramp will end in ex-view, the focal point of the complex. Guests will be able to get there by using panoramic elevator as well. This is a view of 360 degrees, where it will be possible to see relationship between viewpoint and Sarajevo.

Amir Vuk Zec emphasized that roof ramps will be partially greened and as such, ideal for rest.

The reception with souvenir shop is on the west side. The reception is, added Vuk, information center of the complex, as well as the reception of restaurant, coffee shop and hotels.



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