Tamara has developed a Business “Super Woman” which is known in the whole BiH

One of the successful entrepreneurial stories in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) that was implemented thanks to the Mozaik Foundation and Tamara Jovic from Zvornik, which launched the “Super Women” Agency in her town. Within the Agency, she deals with cleaning and maintenance of residential and business facilities in the form of surface and deep cleaning.

“Super Women” employs women of 40 and more years, with lower professional qualifications, who carry out this activity. Part of the profits in the “Super Women” is allocated for the education and social inclusion of these women, members of the vulnerable population group.

In a conversation for the business portal, this young, modest girl says she has refused to work after graduating from the Law School, even though she has graduated with a grade ten. She was in a dilemma of what she should do next. Her parents could not help her much. During her studies, the father took two loans, and her mother had to clean the apartments to satisfy all family needs.

“The inspiration for this social business was my mother, who is actually a ‘Super Woman.’ A woman who is over 40 years old, has completed elementary school and has only 15 days of work experience. She is not the only one, there are many women in a similar the situation that belong to a more difficult employment category, and as such are forced to work on the black market for very small wages to ensure the survival of their family, “ says Tamara.

In a very short period of time, Tamara has managed to raise its small business to a higher level and today she employs four workers, including her mother.

“I am satisfied with the development of ‘Super Women’, and our goal is to spread to other places, as well as introducing new services such as: home masters, or babysitting, “ Tamara said, explaining that she is happy with the development of her business.

“The super woman has become recognizable. We get invitations for various events and we are asked for advice on how to solve certain problems, and to whom people can address, “ Jovic says.



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