Tax Administration issued a Fine of some 100,000 Euros in only One Day


The inspectors of the Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (PUFBiH) continued their rapid controls on Tuesday and carried out 233 controls throughout the Federation of BiH, one of the country’s entities.

In these controls, until 19:00 o’clock, tax administration inspectors discovered a total of 39 workers without permit, 47 taxpayers who did not issue fiscal invoices, three facilities that did not have a fiscal device installed, and six facilities that worked without authorization for the competent authority, according to the FBiH Tax Administration.

Due to irregularities identified and employment of undeclared workers, failure to register traffic through a fiscal device, lack of a fiscal device and work without the approval of the competent authority, 22 facilities were sealed and in 83 cases misdemeanor warrants were issued with a total fine of 198.350 BAM.

Activities continue in the coming days and call on the taxpayers from the FBiH Tax Administration to harmonize their operations with the applicable laws.

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