The Tax Administration of the RS collected 140,459,973 BAM in January

Diaspora Money magazin.baThe Tax Administration of the RS at the expense of public revenues of this BH entity collected a total of 140,459,973 BAM in January.

On the basis of direct taxes from the 1st to 31st of January was collected 25.5 million BAM, which represents an increase of 2.3 million BAM or 10 % as compared to the same period last year, as announced by the Tax Administration of the RS.

On the basis of the income tax was collected a total of 15.5 million BAM, which is 1.2 million BAM or 9 % more than in the same month last year.

On the basis of other public revenues in January was collected 22.1 million BAM, which is 3 % or 746,816 BAM more than in the same period last year.

The collection of contributions for the Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance was increased as well and realized 52.5 million BAM, or 4 % more, as well as contributions to the Health Insurance Fund for which was collected 32.8 million BAM, or 1 % more.

Contributions to the Public Fund for Child Protection were collected in the amount of 3.9 million BAM, which represents an increase of 3 %, and the same percentage of increase of collection also recorded contributions to the Department of Employment, which were collected in the amount of 2.6 million BAM.

The largest percentage growth in collection of these revenues was recorded in taxes and compensations, which are collected in the amount of 10.6 million BAM, or 23 % more.

The growth is also recorded in the collection of fees for games of chance by 16.38 %, as well as punishments for 15 % more than in January last year.

When it comes to the arrears of indirect taxes and contributions to the Solidarity Fund, in January was collected 393,222 BAM, which is a decrease of 2.1 million BAM.

In January, on the territory of the RS was registered 71 taxpayer – legal entity and 150 taxpayers – businessmen, and checked out were 32 taxpayers – legal entities and 71 taxpayer – businessmen.

(Source: klix.ba)

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